Open Process Automation™ Forum Initiated Collaborations Yielding Successes

Published 2/2/2021

One of the areas which will receive an increased amount of effort and focus by the ERDi TestLab this year is open standards based process control/automation.

The TestLab has been actively participating in the Open Process Automation™ Standards (O-PAS) work for a number of years now and is currently finalising the design and build of an open automation Test Bed and 'Sandpit' within the TestLab itself.

Known as The ERDi Open Automation TestBed, it will be available for use by mining and oil and gas companies who want to explore and get hands on experience with new related approaches and technologies which are rapidly becoming available on the market.

Over the coming months, ERDi TestLab will be making a number of announcements relevant to the many vendors and their technologies that it has been working with, in order for it to establish The ERDi Open Automation TestBed.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share some videos published by, a Silicon Valley software start-up that has been working on some exciting work in this space which they have conducted alongside ExxonMobil, Schneider Electric and SuperMicro.

For more information on the ERDi Open Automation TestBed, please contact